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The ultimate Hollywood Balloon Ride Above Hollywood, California!

Sail the skies and bask in the beauty of California’s landscape!

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Through our affiliation with the American Ballooning Network, we strive at all times to satisfy the needs of our customers. We offer a myriad of ballooning options and experience throughout all of California. We are the largest ballooning operators in California providing top class quality from trained experts and customer service staff. We offer our services in assisting you seven days a week with a representative always ready and waiting to help you. Through a fast, simple and efficient contact service, you can call a Hollywood Balloon Ride expert today and they will be more than happy to help!

Wanna share the moment with friends and family? Then booking our shared basket ride will be the perfect choice! Celebrating a special moment by yourself or with that special someone? Then our Private Hollywood Balloon Ride will create that epic moment! It’s the perfect getaway to bask in the beauty and love for each other while sailing across the California skies. Our offering of tethered balloon rides is certainly not short on fun, amusement and class! Enhance the experience your guest will have by reserving a tethered balloon ride to increase the awesomeness of your public or private event within Hollywood, California.

Hollywood is known for its most famous attributes and the whole filmmaking ties. But have you ever gotten a view of what the gorgeous landscape is like? If not, then you are certainly missing out! The views of the low rising hills in all directions across the plains of Hollywood are an amazing and breathtaking look. It boasts many theme parks, garden parks and fascinating Mediterranean-style villages on the hilly plains. Live the life of a celebrity by soaring through the Hollywood skies and bask in the beauty of what lies below. View the man distinct features such as the culture-based villages and the lush vegetation of the hilly land.

Pop that champagne as you sail in the beams of the rising sun in a Hot Air Balloon Flight! Hollywood serves you with the best skyride and the most magnificent land views.

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