Balloon Rides in Los Angeles

Here at Los Angeles Balloon Rides, we offer a variety of hot air balloon experiences. This page will help you understand a bit more about your choices… And we have plenty of those! Why limit yourself when experts can help you today?

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Float in the clear blue sky above Los Angeles and see why balloon rides are so popular!

Don’t waste your time on the ground when you can soar into the wild blue in a Los Angeles hot air balloon.

Call on our ballooning experts at Los Angeles Balloon Rides to help you choose a flight time that fits your schedule. We have plenty of packages available to give you the ride of your life.

Sharing a Basket in the Skies over Southern California!

Share a Bird’s Eye View of Los Angeles and make new friends!

Shared Basket Balloon Rides in Los Angeles

Our most affordable ballooning experience!

Los Angeles Balloon Rides offers a selection of packages for the adventurous and the cautious alike. The quickest way into the sky involves sharing a basket with up to eight people like you who want a piece of the action. It’s not uncommon to meet new friends during a shared sixty minute balloon flight. One hour, up to six new friends, that’s not a bad day of socializing!

Shared basket balloon rides make the magic of hot air ballooning affordable for everyone. Call one of our helpful ballooning experts and ask about this fun and cost-effective experience!

Enjoy a Private Balloon Flight over L.A.

The Most Romantic Balloon Flight in Los Angeles!

Private Basket Balloon Rides in Los Angeles

Go it alone on your next Hot Air Balloon Ride!

With our exclusive balloon flight over Los Angeles, you have the option of bringing a significant other or going on the beautiful hot air balloon ride alone. Sometimes, it is nice to get away for quiet reflection, and what better place to truly be alone than four thousand feet in the air?

The romantic potential of a private balloon flight is virtually unlimited. If you really want to impress your significant other, you can’t get any more exotic than taking off into the clouds for a full sixty minute break from humanity.

When you’re ready to book your Private Balloon flight, give us a call at 323-406-8464. You deserve it!

The Los Angeles Tethered Balloon Experience

Boost your Popularity with a Tethered Balloon Display!

Tethered Balloon Experiences

All the fun of a hot air balloon ride without the unpredictability…

Take advantage of the majestic presence of the hot air balloon. Book a balloon for your next corporate event or company gathering and watch your attendance soar. Adventurous spirits from all over Los Angeles will come to take a ride on your “big balloon.”

A tethered balloon ride is appealing to many who are too afraid to take a traditional hot air balloon flight, but really wish to see Los Angeles from above. The great thing about a tether is that they can even take place in locations where an ordinary balloon ride simply would not be possible. This makes a tether great for company and team building activities. Your business partners and employees are sure not to miss the next corporate business meeting.

Call on Los Angeles Balloon Rides to plan your next big meeting complete with a tethered balloon flight. And don’t forget to ask how you can add your company logo to the balloon for an extra marketing advantage.

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