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A Balloon Ride is an adventure you don’t want to stop. Why not make the time off last a little longer by staying at a top-rated Bed and Breakfast here in Los Angeles!

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The Ultimate Getaway Adventure

The adventures are what make our lives fun and amounts to the precious memories we keep telling our friends and family. A Hot Air Balloon Ride is a true adventure in the purest sense of the word, and we’ve arranged so that it’s also one that becomes your small private vacation. By teaming up with the best bed and breakfast providers in the Los Angeles area, we’ve put together thoughtful adventure packages for the ultimate getaway in beautiful sunny California.

Just imagine spending your day riding through the spectacular California sky, experiencing awe-inspiring landscapes and then going to a lavish and fully serviced bed & breakfast where your every need is catered to. The sense of freedom and grandeur experienced while on a flight goes hand in hand with the comfort of a premium bed and breakfast where you’re treated like royalty. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a mini vacation right here in Los Angeles, garnering fresh new experiences and relaxing to greet the world fresh and rejuvenated in the morning!

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It’s no secret that the most spectacular hot air balloon flights take place early in the morning, or across the darkening evening sky. To get the most out of your balloon flight, you may have to travel to a more remote location, where picturesque panoramas fill your ride with unforgettable moments. Our bed and breakfast package deals let you enjoy the ride stress-free, taking the rush out of the travel. If you’re flying in the morning, you can stay at accommodations near the flight start location, or, if you have a ride scheduled for the evening hours, instead of rushing home in the dark, simply enjoy a stay at a top-class bed and breakfast. If you’re looking for a longer getaway, combine both, and spend not one but two peaceful and relaxing nights at a great inn.

Whatever your wish is, we’ll make it happen! Say goodbye to inconvenience and rush, and enjoy a leisurely and carefree stay at one of our many bed and breakfast partners all across California. From cozy and comfortable to luxurious and lavish, we’ll find just the perfect fit for your needs and desires.

Make this something that we be unforgettable and create a lasting imprint in the memories of everyone!

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We’ll arrange everything for a remarkable Bed and Breakfast experience to compliment your Balloon Ride!

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