Los Angeles Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Witness the sight of hundreds of hot air balloons gracing the sky above. Los Angeles Balloon Rides will make sure you enjoy the show!

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Splendid Fun for All Ages – Los Angeles Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Take the day off with your friends and family to experience the most amazing sight – hundreds of balloons floating in the beautiful California sky!

It is important to have a breather occasionally and experience something completely out of the ordinary. While fairs and community gatherings are a great way to meet up with your neighbors and socialize, nothing quite matches the splendor and magnificence of a hot air balloon festival. Imagine a forest of wild, colorful berries and mushrooms, arranged in a picture-perfect panorama of glistering vivid colors. Now, put that image to the backdrop of the peaceful and beautiful Los Angeles sky, and you will have an idea of just how breathtaking a hot air balloon festival is.

A truly an event like no other, with gentle, colorful giants gliding across the sky in perfect harmony and synchronicity. Whether observing from the ground or looking at the panorama below from one of the gondolas, each festival provides thousands of picture-perfect sights that will remain in your memory forever. The sheer grandeur of a display of ten, fifty or maybe even hundreds of balloons is one that infuses every participant with unparalleled awe and inspiration. In addition, the event is perfect for stunning photos of both the army of balloons, and the panorama below them.

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Hot Air Balloon Festival Los Angeles

The journey begins with the balloons becoming inflated while on the ground. It is a remarkable sight as hundreds of hot air balloons are transformed from small and unimpressive bags into striking monuments of the sky. However, the real adventure begins as the balloons take to the sky, gently climbing higher and higher, up to the altitude of more than a thousand feet. Just as the sun sets, the burners, displaying the various sizes and colors of the balloons much like playful and colorful fireflies, illuminate the nightly Los Angeles sky. A magical sight fills the evening with wonder and sparks the imagination to beautiful fairy tale panoramas and stories. That is why so many families enjoy our hot air balloon festivals – it is an experience to remember for a long time, filling both children and adults with a sense of mystery and high spirits.

A hot air balloon festival in Los Angeles is an event like no other. Shared with your closest friends or family, or just going alone to embrace the spectacular sights, it is a treat to everyone attending. Our friendly customer service professionals would love to tell you all about when the next hot air balloon festival is coming to Los Angeles, and how to prepare for the most spectacular night of your life!

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Join Hundreds of Balloon Enthusiasts at Hot Air Balloon Festivals in Los Angeles, California!

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