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Team building events allow everyone to break from the routine once in awhile to recharge batteries and get the extra boost needed to achieve upcoming company goals. The perfect way to achieve that is through a team building event that not only breaks away the boundaries of regular office life, but also brings the various people of your company together to work as one. A day as a hot air balloon crew will certainly give your team an enjoyable and unique challenge, leading up to unparalleled satisfaction as the fruit of their work literally takes to the sky!

The adventure begins as your employees work together to figure out the ins and outs of hot air balloons, preparing everything needed for ascent. Working in one of our picturesque Los Angeles balloon locations will bring the crowd together, as they watch the gentle nylon transform into a huge, awe-inspiring balloon. From there, it’s time to reap the harvest of the work and hop on for a lift off in the magical skies of California. Breathtaking landscapes and picture-perfect sights make for one of the most unique experiences in the world, perfect for sharing with a team of coworkers – soon to be close friends.

Treat your employees to a once-in-a-lifetime experience where the spectacular results of their work are immediately delivered.

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Los Angeles Team Building Event

A Customized Event Specifically Tailored to Your Team

To ensure the success of your team bonding exercise, we let you choose from a variety of locations, times, balloon sizes and pilots. Our professional consultants will collaborate with your staff to put together the perfect event plan where everyone has their share of work. We believe everyone has to do their part to ensure the success of the company, and our team building events are carefully designed to give every participant a sense of purpose and achievement.

While the bulk of the work is left for your team to handle, you’ll by no means be left alone in the dark. The team building event is carefully supervised by one of our professional pilots, encouraging your staff to communicate and pool their efforts to achieve each task. Once every point on the list is checked off and the safety of the flight is ensured, it’s time for lift off to experience California from a totally new and unique perspective. As the balloon climbs the sky, so does the team’s morale, encouraging them for a whole new era of collaboration and success!

Los Angeles Balloon Rides has a team building event ready, just for your team!

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