Prominent Air Balloon Displays Over California

Enhance your event with a magnificent tethered hot air balloon, floating high above your venue to provide unparalleled sights to your guests!

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Glorious Tethered Flights Above Los Angeles

When planning your next big event, every part of the puzzle must come together to deliver the ultimate impression. That’s exactly what a beautiful tethered balloon ride over the calm Los Angeles skies offers. The display of a balloon floating above your event venue is a guaranteed head-turner that will keep people talking for a long time.

Whether planning for a birthday event, a corporate retreat or simply a celebration of life, hot air balloon tethers are perfect for making a statement and impressing your guests. As the balloon ascends to the sky, your event is marked just like with an exclamation point, turning heads and attracting tons of attention. And then, as the balloon settles in the air, you can entertain your guests with spectacular aerial views of the area from a vantage point of 50-75 feet above the ground.

The adventure is incredible. It all starts with the balloon transforming from a soft nylon envelope into a spectacular giant, a great sight to behold. After that, the experienced pilot is ready to take you and your guests to the sky, showing Los Angeles like you’ve never seen it. Make sure you bring your cameras for some of the most spectacular photo opportunities of your lives!

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Hot Air Balloon Display in Los Angeles

There’s nothing quite like a balloon tether to make your event a truly special one. It’s a spectacular memory to be shared with your friends, colleagues and business partners. And the best part is – it also works as a unique marketing tool for your company. By putting your logo on the side of the balloon, you’ll turn everyone’s heads and show that you mean business. And as the balloon floats above your venue, everyone in the area will see it and your logo for hours.

Our professional assistants are here to help you! We work tirelessly round the clock to bring the best customized solutions to our clients. Whatever your type of event, audience and venue, we’ll put together the perfect tethered balloon ride just for you. All special requests are welcome, and we’ll make sure that the event stays in the memories of your guests for the rest of their lives.

Make your event impressive and create a lasting imprint in the memories of everyone attending it.

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We’ll arrange everything for a truly magnificent tethered balloon ride that turns your occasion into a very special one!

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