Wedding Hot Air Balloon Charters

On the most important day in your life, no adventure is too big for you and your loved one. Say “I do” in the most breathtaking setting imaginable… While gliding through the sky in a hot air balloon!

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Picture Perfect Wedding Charters

Settle for nothing but the best for you and your loved one. Say your vows while flying free as birds in the magnificent Los Angeles sky!

There are few days more important in our lives than the one on which we say “I do”. Make it the most memorable day of your life, by expressing your eternal love and commitment in a setting that is so breathtakingly amazing that words can barely express it. Establish the most beautiful of bonds while flying free and careless in the sky, looking at the world from above in peace and serenity.

The Perfect Plan for the Perfect Wedding

On your special day, everything has to be just like you planned. Our professional wedding charter arrangement team leaves no stone unturned and accepts no room for error. Starting with the flight route and ending with special amenities while on board, we work tirelessly to ensure everything is set for the most perfect day in your lives.

By offering a wide variety of flight packages, we ensure that every need is met with utmost precision. We can arrange a private and romantic getaway in the sunset for just the two of you, creating the perfect backdrop for the most unique memory in your lives. As you glance upon the magnificent evening clouds of Los Angeles, you’ll be filled with a deep sense of appreciation and love, as you commit to each other and no one else.

Alternatively, if you want to share the precious moments with your in-laws and family, we’ll provide a larger gondola for a true party in the sky. Bring your closest ones with you on an adventure, as the minister accepts your vows in a gentle and heart-warming setting high in the sky. With Los Angeles Balloon Rides, you’ll get the perfect balloon ride package with all your needs and desires fully met from start to finish!

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Wedding Day Hot Air Balloons Los Angeles

Make your event impressive and create a lasting imprint in the memories of everyone attending it.

The service we provide isn’t limited to the sky ride. According to your wishes, we can arrange the exchange of vows on the ground, while the nylon balloon is inflated to become a spectacular, yet gentle giant. This symbolizes the growing love between you and your special someone, transforming from a spark into a full-blown fire of romance, appreciation and commitment.

Air balloon wedding charters go hand in hand with a bed and breakfast package in one of the most romantic Los Angeles establishments. Coupled with an adventurous glide through the sky, it makes for a memorable wedding getaway where nothing but you and your loved one matter. Or, if you want to celebrate with a blast, why not exchange vows during a ballooning festival, where every single one of your friends and family will find a spot in the baskets for an unforgettable and breathtaking ride!

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