Los Angeles Balloon Rides Scholarship

At Los Angeles Balloon Rides we like to live with our head in the clouds. We are proud to offer people an escape from the pressures of work and school for any length of time. We also know that at a certain point everybody has to return to their real lives on the ground. We want to help here better as well. With this in mind we are excited to announce that Los Angeles Balloon Rides will be offering an academic scholarship.

A sound education sets the foundation for success and happiness in life. Whether you are seeking to become a family practitioner or a teacher, a college degree is the necessary first step to opening up any new opportunities. Unfortunately, pursuing this education comes with financial responsibility. Tuition, books, room and board have become increasingly expensive for students. As if classes weren’t enough of a burden, students are often left to work full or part-time jobs in order to get through school. The scholarship we are offering is an effort to help anybody that is looking to pursue their passions. We want to help students open new doors for themselves.

The scholarship

Should you be accepted, Skydiving Los Angeles will offer $300 dollars to be used for your educational pursuits. We will be offering this scholarship on a yearly basis.

Who can apply?

If you are a current student looking to pursue a university education, please read on. In order to apply you must be in good academic standing at your current school. You must also be planning to attend college or graduate school in the near future. We are also looking to help out on a local level. That is why we are currently offering this scholarship opportunity to any student seeking an education at a university in the state of California.

How to apply

While we would like to help everybody in their pursuit of a college education, we do need to be selective. If you are looking to apply for this academic scholarship, please submit an essay of 600 or more words. The essay prompt is:

Propose a solution or improvement in regards to a current issue facing society. Possible topics include health care, the economy, discrimination, or anything that you see as a current issue in need of a solution. Feel free to expand on these criteria. We want your passions to be evident through your writing, so please choose an issue that you are particularly interested in. There are a wide-array of possible topics that would work for this essay. Remember to be considerate of the breadth of whichever issue you are seeking to improve.

Once completed, please submit your essay by email to [email protected] The deadline for accepted academic scholarship essays will be February 1st. Please try to submit your application prior to this date in order to eliminate the possibility of any technology or human error. We will be in contact with all candidates after submissions are received.

Contact information

Los Angeles Balloon Rides is happy to answer any and all inquiries. Whether you have submission questions or are looking to inquire into eligibility concerns, please direct all questions or concerns to [email protected]. Our team will try to return any and all emails as quickly as possible.

The stated goal of Los Angeles Balloon Rides is to treat the world with small doses of happiness. While we may enjoy floating high above life on the ground, we understand that things can become stressful. In offering this scholarship we are seeking to help a student provide long-term happiness to themselves and the people around them.

Good luck to all of our applicants!

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