Meet the Beach City in the Sky with Malibu Balloon Rides!

Travel over the beach city in Los Angeles County at 1,500 feet, feeling the Malibu air…The Pacific Coast awaits!

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Take on the West Coast Wind with Malibu Balloon Rides

Unbelievable views on a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Malibu Balloon Rides, in association with The American Ballooning Network, provides customers with a vast range of Hot Air Balloon ride packages in amazing locations in California. We are the LARGEST balloon network in the state with the best hot air balloon EXPERTS ready to assist you with getting in the skies of California. Available seven days a week! Call Malibu Balloon Rides and book your ride in the sky today!

Malibu California is known for its fabulous vibe, celebrity beach homes, nightlife, along with its many beaches, waterfalls and gorgeous canyons. Fly over these views with Malibu Balloon Rides! Soaring over the beautiful Pacific Coast in a comfy ride in the sky. See the tip of the Santa Monica Mountains at eye level with a group of friends or with a private ride.

Some may go to Malibu to ride the waves, but have you tried riding the skies of Malibu? Malibu Balloon Rides offers a great selection of hot air balloon rides to give you the experience you’ve been waiting for!

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Shared Rides: A great way to get you in the air riding with other hot air balloon riders to taste the Malibu air!

Exclusive Rides: Get the California air all to yourself or with a special one. Make it a date to remember with an exclusive ride over Malibu! You will definitely win the heart of a loved one with privacy in a hot air balloon ride.

Tethered Rides: Planning a grand event? Take your guests UP in the air with a tethered hot air balloon ride. Perfect for large groups who are anticipating a fun time while enjoying a sight like never before!

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Hot Air Balloon experts are ready and waiting to get you into the Malibu sky. They will help get you the right package for your sky experience of a lifetime. No need to feel weary of being 1,500 feet over Malibu. Our hot air balloon rides are secure and comfortable for the perfect ride in the wind. Feel free to speak with your pilot before going up for that extra boost of confidence.

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