Adore The California Skies…
With Santa Monica Balloon Rides!

Enjoy the unique venture of floating across the gorgeous California sky with Santa Monica Balloon Rides! Once comfortably settled into the basket, the hot air balloon will slowly climb towards the clouds. If you dare, take a peek down below to see what Santa Monica looks like from an aerial observatory.

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Discover Santa Monica, California from an Aerial Point of View!

Relish the tranquility of hot air ballooning with Santa Monica Balloon Rides !

Ride the wind with Santa Monica Balloon Rides! Our network thrives off of assisting customers from all over the United States in achieving their greatest hot air ballooning dreams. Want to propose to your special someone from a basket floating in the sky? Great! Want to treat your child to his (or her) 18th birthday by floating across the sky? No problem!

As a member of the American Ballooning Network, we have customer service representatives standing by seven days a week to answer your phone calls regarding a hot air balloon ride across the vast open sky. Just give us a call at Santa Monica Balloon Rides and let one of our experts set up the hot air balloon venture you are searching for. Don’t worry about it eating up too much of your time. The booking process is quick and easy over the phone.

At Santa Monica Balloon Rides, we offer a number of different hot air balloon packages. Just give us a phone call and one of our agents will help you figure out what kind of package is best for what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to glide across the gorgeous blue sky with someone special or you want to go on a solo expedition, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call and tell our agent you want to book a private balloon ride.

Take a chance and indulge yourself in the thrill of a lifetime. Haven’t you always wanted to know what Santa Monica looked like from the sky? Give us a call and ask about the tethered hot air balloon ride. In no time, we will get you between 50 and 150 feet in the sky. The view doesn’t get much grander than it does up there.

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From mountain ranges to sandy beaches, Santa Monica is truly a beautiful place. The only problem with the true beauty of Santa Monica, California is you only get to enjoy a taste of it from on the ground. It is when you are up in the sky in one of our hot air balloons that you really appreciate everything it’s gorgeous landscaping has to offer.

Our hot air balloon rides are perfectly scheduled to put you in the sky at sunrise during those few minutes before the sun has fully peaked over the Transverse peaks. Enjoy the aerial perspective of Santa Monica while sipping back some of the commemorative champagne (or non-alcoholic beverages if you prefer) as a toast to this breathtaking viewing.

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